The thing I like most !

The purity of mind

The purity of mind is the thing that I like the most. I have seen lot of dirty trickers in this world . They always try to deceive or cheat someone for their selfish motives. I feel hurt when someone tries to fool me or the other. I can not understand why it is being done. Why some people think bad and act bad ? Why are not they thinking of the others ? Why they don’t ask themselves that whether their cruel act makes the life of somebody a hell ? What authority do they have to do so ? Few people are jealous of the others. Not only in the neighbourhood , but also even in their lovely homes , in their lovely family , they are jealous ! They worship the God , but even they play cruel games with the sons or daughters of the God ! It surprises me , perhaps it may be surprising for the God also. He must be thinking what he had made and what is the outcome ! 

The disputes

I always think about the many types of disputes the people have ! It starts from their own loved family and it crosses every border . The disputes among the family, the disputes among the neighbours, the disputes among the villagers , the disputes among the citizens of any city , the disputes among the citizens of any state in the country, the disputes among the states of the country and the disputes among the countries in the world have no end ! Why do they have disputes ? Sometimes the subjects of their disputes are so negligible that the dispute can be stopped at a certain point or should not quarrel at all on such a useless subjects. Sometimes there are no reasons to fight with each other , but unfortunately few people have the tendency to create one or two . They do it intentionally and it is more unfortunate that they succeed in their bad efforts ! In the history there are many examples of this types and even in the present world we are seeing a lot of such tricky persons or even nations . The disputes go to such an extent that people or the countries become enemies of each other. 

Why we become enemies of each other ?

I think the answer of this question lies somewhere in our childhood . I have seen two brothers or sisters or brothers and sisters fighting with each other in the childhood. I am surprised to see their anger in that young age , when they don’t know the world much or even they don’t know it at all ! Still they do know quarrel . Their subjects may be small but the intensity is alarming ! It is more surprising that they are quite inocent children and even then they have their own disputes ! Even inocenancy can’t stop the compulsion of fighting spirit ! It is strange but true. I thought that incoenancy or the purity of mind may not lead towards the fights , but I am wrong. I accept it .

Still I feel …

May be that I am little more positive or thinking too good for the world. Perhaps I have too many expectations. Perhaps I myself have a pure mind. This mind pushes me to think that  one  day the humanity will win over all the evils of bad minds.  I feel that when the universe came into existence, it must be pure of its own. I also hope that it will become pure once again and there will be purity of mind everywhere ! Please give me good wishes for this ! Thank you friends ! 

Korona virus : the mass killer !

The Korona Virus


As per the China Media , Dr. Lee Wenliang  was affected by the korona virus . He was one of the doctors in Vuhan Central Hospital. Dr. Wenliang himself told his co-doctors that he has affected by korona and also said that few others have affected too ! This was on 30th December , 2019. However,  …. TO READ MORE …here is a link …The Korona Virus



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           If the birth of this universe is the very first incident , then we can say from that moment the incidents started to take place. Then after the second, the third , the fourth and so on happened . Did they happen simultaneously i.e. in a moment or did they took existence serially i.e. one after another ? If they happened serially , was there any relation between any two of them or among all of them ? These questions come to my mind. Continue reading “WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT ?”